U.S. Open Cup
The UPSL, technically, has now met the requirements to send a certain number of teams into the 1st round of the Lamar Hunt Open Cup 2023. This, however, requires that the UPSL competition be regarded as a qualifying competition, just as the NPSL is. Under current Open Cup rules, accepting this route would exclude all the other UPSL teams from entering the qualifying rounds. Given that UPSL provides more teams to the qualifying rounds than any other league, we do not believe that denying those opportunities is the right decision. So, rather than take the automatic places, we will maintain the status quo, and will lobby for an award of advance round places that does not require the exclusion of other teams from the excitement and romance of the qualifying rounds.
Amateur Cup
A small number of UPSL clubs do sometimes participate in the Amateur Cup. This cup is run by USASA and is popular with teams in some particular state leagues. Eligibility requires registration within USASA. Unfortunately, the design of the competition varies from region to region, and some states do restrict eligibility, so there is no ‘one answer’ as to how your club might still gain access, even though UPSL is no longer a member of USASA.
We will attempt to negotiate with the regions a simple solution. Some forward looking officials will likely welcome your club into the competition. Others will likely block your entry because they conduct themselves in a manner which denies ambition and progress. For those few already having played or about to play Amateur Cup games, we will reach out to you personally to discuss the matter this week.
The UPSL National Bracket is a superior competition to the Amateur Cup in quality and breadth, and if you have the resources to enter a cup competition in addition to regular season play, the Lamar Hunt Open Cup is normally the choice for most of our established clubs.
If there is a continued antagonistic and spiteful attitude to the ambitious clubs of the UPSL from some state officials, we will design our own additional cup competition, and we will make it open to all clubs, not just the UPSL members. Our clubs are ready and willing to be challenged by any opponent.